Event Hosting Guide

Thinking of hosting an event for the Day of Sustainable Communities? Here’s some know-how to get you started!


When Should I register my event?

Right now! Really, it’s best to register your event as soon as you are thinking to host something. It’s easy to change the event details or have your event removed later on, if needed. Our outreach efforts get a big boost with each new community added to the Day of Sustainable Communities map.

It’s super simple to register, just go to this form and fill out as much of the information as you can. We’ll be in touch with any follow up questions.

If your community can’t host an event for the Day of Sustainable Communities, but you still want to support the initiative, reach out about becoming a partner for the Day instead.

Write to us with any questions through our Contact Form.

What Kind of Event Can I host?

From 3 people to 3000 people, we are welcoming events of all shapes and sizes for the Day. The important thing is that your event is planned for September 21st or sometime in the week immediately before or after. By hosting an event during this timeframe, you will be participating in not just one, but FOUR global happenings…

Day of Sustainable Communities (of course!)

Global Climate Strikes

International Day of Peace

Autumnal Equinox

Get on board and get your community engaged in the worldwide movement on September 21st!


What counts as A “sustainable Community”?

No, you do not have to be an “ecovillage” to join. This is a Day for any and all groups that are taking action towards sustainability in their local communities. We call them Community-led Initiatives (CLIs).

“CLIs arise whenever people self-organise within their local communities to take constructive action on issues that matter to them… They are neither a ready-made solution to environmental and social problems, nor an antidote to inadequate, insufficient or inappropriate government action or diversion from the deeper structural changes necessary to create a fairer and more sustainable society. They represent an entirely different mode of action, which recognises the deep social and cultural roots of current crises and seeks to address these from the bottom up.”
— ECOLISE, First Status Report on Community-led Action on Sustainability and Climate Change in Europe

These are some issues and themes that are alive in North American CLIs right now. Maybe your group is connected to one or more? If so, please consider yourselves very welcome to join the Day of Sustainable Communities. And, if you see an important theme we missed, please write to us.

  • “Pop-up” tomorrows

  • Frontline communities

  • Land and economic cooperatives

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Law and legal barriers to community

  • Water quality

  • Healthy food (September 21st is harvest time!)

  • Plastics (banning plastic products)

  • Ecosystem restoration

  • Global climate disruption

  • Housing instability (standardized eviction)

  • Community decision making processes

  • Loneliness and social isolation

  • Decriminalization of marijuana

  • Trauma informed work

  • Racism and violence

  • Intimacy and authenticity

  • Tool libraries


What are some activity ideas for my event?

Here’s a bunch of ideas to spark your creativity!

  • Social entrepreneurship and investment forums

  • Wild edible plant walks

  • Thought-provoking art installations made from reused materials

  • Critical mass bike ride through the center of town

  • Zero waste/zero carbon festival

  • Meditations

  • Music and dance

  • Open Space event exploring “What are our next steps for creating a sustainable community?”

  • A celebration for the equinox

  • Community potluck meal

  • Open houses and community tours

  • Movie screenings - We suggest playing The Response documentary

  • Repair cafes

  • Action Projects, such as…

    • Setting up rainwater collection on a high-visibility public building

    • A workshop constructing compost bins out of old pallets

    • Planting fruit trees in public right-of-ways

    • Building bus benches out of earthen materials