Community Council

Purpose and Expectations

The purpose of the Community Council is to support the 2019 North American Day of Sustainable Communities, through offering advice, outreach, and engagement. This group does not have legal or governing responsibility for the project, but works in concert with Coordinators to advance the project’s mission and goals.

Community Council applications will be accepted through this form.

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Purpose of the Community Council

Volunteer Engagement

  • The Community Council will provide a means of involving people who are committed to the mission of the Day of Sustainable Communities but who may not be part of the Coordinating Team.

  • Membership will be comprised of community leaders, sustainability project managers, and partner organizations. Priority will be given to creating diverse membership (ethnicity, age, socio-economic class, geography, etc.).

Advising and Professional Expertise

  • Members will provide strategic advice to Coordinators as requested, to supplement the existing expertise of Coordinators and offer alternative perspectives.

  • Members will share their professional expertise with Coordinators when relevant situations or difficulties arise.  

Outreach and Networking

  • Members will serve as ambassadors, connecting the Day of Sustainable Communities with a greater constituency and building bridges to a diversity of communities in North America.

  • Members will advise and assist with advocacy, media, community, and partnership relations as needed.

Donor and Supporter Recruitment

  • Members are not obligated to financially support the Day of Sustainable Communities, but will help expand the number of donors and supporters by sharing their commitment to the project with others in their networks and inviting them to participate.

Expectations of Members

  • Members will meet a minimum of once per month until the end of November 2019. Meetings will be virtual sessions to share perspectives on relevant topics. These meetings may take place one-to-one or in small groups with other members, partners, or Coordinators.

  • Members agree to be “on call” to provide professional expertise and advice when relevant situations arise.

  • Members may be asked, but are not obliged, to serve on ad-hoc committees, review documents and give feedback, or complete some other tasks.

  • Members will sign a non-disclosure, ethics, and conflict-of-interest agreement.

What Members Can Expect

  • Members names, photos, and bios will be listed on the North American Day of Sustainable Communities website and other print materials.

  • Members will receive regular communication, timely updates, and invitations to join meetings from Coordinators.

  • Members will be appreciated for their hard work and contributions!

Length of Term

  • Members will serve until the end of November 2019, through the Day of Sustainable Communities on September 21st, and a subsequent two months later for wrap up and debriefing.

  • Coordinators will discuss the member’s willingness and interest in renewing their service for 2020.

  • Coordinators may ask members to leave the Community Council if they cannot meet the above expectations or there is a more suitable member candidate who would like to join.

  • If a member needs to end his or her term early for any reason, the member will be expected to offer support in finding a replacement.

  • There will be a maximum of twelve people on the Community Council at any one time.