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Star Community - A Series of Open Houses

Star Community of Seattle, WA, USA will host a multi-site celebration of our intentional community, an urban network of non-contiguous households. Open house starts with brunch at Sky House, from 10-noon, lunch-type snacks at Ryan House from noon-2, afternoon snacks at Orchard House from 2-4, dinner snacks at Stone House from 4-6 PM, and then a final open house at Star House, 6 – 7 PM. From there people can walk to Luminata at Green Lake, nearby -- a fall equinox celebration open to the public. Community members at each house will provide glowing items and/or lantern-making supplies for people who want to go to Luminata, which runs from 6:00 to 10:00 PM, and happens all around the edges of the lake. (Note: It’s not necessary to be at the lake by 6:00 to participate, and one need not stay for the whole thing. People are invited to bring lanterns, glowing umbrellas, luminous costumes, or other beaming creations to parade around the lake. See details and last year’s photos at

For those not interested to attend Luminata, that’s fine. People will remain at Star House until about 7:00 to visit. Please don’t show up after that time, as there’s no guarantee that hosts will be around after 7 PM. Write to either or to RSVP to say which house(s) you would like to visit, how many people in your party (# of adults, # of children), and any special needs we should be aware of, such as pet or food allergies. You’ll get a reply with addresses, public transit options and parking tips.

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